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Research Matters Harare  are your professional research partners for all your market research requirements. For years, we’ve specialized in offering actionable market research solutions and real-time data through various statistical and scientific methods. Our flexible delivery formats include infographics, which help clients leverage the relevant data for various marketing decisions. Our services include:

Customer satisfaction assessment

Our research team specialises ingetting insights from your customers to gauge their level of satisfaction with your products and services and establish opportunities for growing your customer reach.

Industry Risk Assessment

We empower businesses to make the best capital and resource decisions while balancing compliance requirements. This helps mitigate risks and protects the client’s sensitive data.

Market Opportunity Assessment

Our research team assesses opportunities in new and existing markets to give businesses the information they need to expand operations and accelerate growth.

Market Segmentation Analysis

By following sophisticated research methodologies, we reveal key findings that can be leveraged to shortlist prospects, segregate customers into distinct target segments, and reduce unproductive focuses.

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We garner insights from the latest information gathered from across the globe to answer all your questions through our well-crafted, customized solutions.


    On the strength of our data management and data handling technologies, we can launch quantitative jobs quickly.
    We have full capabilities in all major Zimbabwean cities, and have experience conducting research in Zimbabwe and internationally using native speakers.
    Through our network of research associates and a strategy which involves infusing locals into our research project teams, we can conduct market research in different languages.
    We will tailor our research methodology and approach to you.
    With our recruiting expertise and in-house databases, we can help you conduct market research on difficult-to-reach niche audiences.
    No matter the research project at hand, Research Matters will deliver. Our team of highly qualified specialists has extensive experience conducting regional, national, and international studies for both public and private sector clients


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